A Film Rumination: A Sunday in the Country, Bertrand Tavernier (1984)

7/10 (Good)

The famous French director Bertrand Tavernier has produced some remarkable films (Coup de Torchon and Life and Nothing But for example).  A Sunday in the Country is considered by many to be among his best.  My opinion is more tempered — if you’re in the mood for a minimalist family drama in the beautiful French countryside without much “drama” Continue reading

Two (Short) Film Ruminations: Le Diable Noir (1905), Un Homme de Têtes (1898), Georges Méliès

The French director Georges Méliès (1861-1938) is rightly famous for his innovative use of special effects.  He’s credited with inventing time-lapse photography, multiple exposures, stop-trick, and dissolves.  I’ve selected two outrageously fun short films of his.  He’s most famous for the sci-fi classic Voyage to the Moon, but any cinema lover will enjoy these two pieces of cinematic history.

Le Diable Noir (1905)

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