Adventures in Science Fiction Cover Art: Nuclear Explosions + Mushroom Clouds, Part II

(Pattee’s cover for the November 1950 issue of Astounding Science Fiction)

In case you missed Part I.

Pattee’s cover for the Astounding Science Fiction November 1950 issue is visually stunning.  A transparent man (his arteries + brain showing) holds the atomic symbol aloft.  On the horizon a gigantic mushroom cloud is transposed with a spaceship.  Does man use atomic power for science and the good of mankind or evil and the destruction of mankind?  The message is made even more abundantly clear by the title of the piece of art — “Choice.”  Although this rhetoric might seem somewhat ham-fisted to modern post-Cold War readers, it produced some remarkable works of science fiction and science fiction art.  (If anyone knows the full name of the artist, I’d be grateful).

As with Part I, I’ve included some covers from the notorious hackwork spewing conveyor belt publisher Badger Books for giggles and Continue reading