Updates: Recent Science Fiction Acquisitions N. XXIV (Simak + Henderson + Pangborn + Coney)

Returning to my old haunt (Texas) conjures the normal quality science fiction haul….  Not the range of Dallas’ spectacular Half Price Books but still a nice selection.

As always, I took a few risks.  I know very little about Zenna Henderson’s short stories — and the cover for the 72 edition of Holding Wonder (1971) (below) is atrocious!  But she’s generally considered a worthwhile author despite the rather hokey premise of her The People series.  I’m most interested in Edgar Pangborn’s A Mirror for Observers (1954) — and I promise not only because of the Richard Powers’ cover.  My father disliked Simak’s Our Children’s Children (magazine 1973) so I don’t have high hopes…  I’m rather ambivalent towards Simak.  I enjoyed City (1954) but would never call it a masterpiece.  Cemetery World (1973) was an interesting read but more in concept than delivery.  Way Station (1963) didn’t deserve the Hugo award but had its moments… etc.

Michael G. Coney’s The Hero of the Downway (1973) was an impulsive buy.  I know very little about the quality of his writing but was persuaded by Josh Kirby’s cover!  And underground societies usually hold my interest — even if they don’t achieve the heights of David F. Galouye’s wonderful Dark Universe (1961).

Enjoy the covers!  And the back cover blurbs!

1. A Mirror for Observers (1954), Edgar Pangborn

(Richard Powers’ cover Continue reading