Updates: Recent Science Fiction Acquisitions N. XIX (Herbert + Aldiss + et al.)

Christmas = gift cards = more science fiction books, and a few my dad had procured for himself appeared miraculously in my pile — I’ve decided to break down the clump into manageable four book posts.

And of course, I wish you all a good sci-fi book hunting/reading year!


1. The Santaroga Barrier, Frank Herbert (1968)

(Paul Lehr’s cover for the 1968 edition)

I’ve read a substantial number of Frank Herbert’s non-Dune novels and enjoyed a high percentage of them — besides The Green Brain (1966) and Soul Catcher (1972).  One of three or four remaining before I’m a Herbert completest is The Santaroga Barrier (I think I still have to read The Whipping Star (1970), The Godmakers, and The Heaven Makers (1968) as well).  I also picked up a copy of my first Robert Sheckley volume due to the positive vibes across a few blogs I follow — The People Trap 1968), a collection of short stories — I’ll get to his novels eventually (a process that will be expedited if I enjoy his shorter works).

2. Galaxies Like Grains of Sand, Brian Aldiss (1960) (MY REVIEW)

(Uncredited cover for the 1960 edition)

Aldiss is hit or miss with me but I couldn’t resist his audacious collection of thematically linked short stories, Galaxies Like Grains of Sand (1960).  A fast read — I’ll have a review out soon.

  3. The People Trap, Robert Sheckley (1968) (MY REVIEW)

(Photo Media cover for the 1968 edition)

I recently read a few positive reviews for Sheckley’s The Mind Swap (1966), The Status Civilization (1960), etc so I jumped at the opportunity to procure some of his short stories.  High expectations — tempered somewhat by the hideous cover.

4. Eight Against Utopia (variant title: From Carthage Then I Came), Douglas R. Mason (1967) (MY REVIEW)

(Jack Gaughn’s cover for the 1967 edition)

One of my father’s acquisitions — he said it was average but fun — BUT, A DOMED CITY MAKES EVERYTHING BETTER.  I’ve never heard of Douglas R. Mason….

6 thoughts on “Updates: Recent Science Fiction Acquisitions N. XIX (Herbert + Aldiss + et al.)

    • I’ve read a few of Aldiss’ novels: I LOVED Starship (variant title: Non-stop), enjoyed but had some issues with Earthworks, liked the ideas in The Dark Light-Years but hated the delivery, and thought that Bow Down to Null was purely average…. I have a few more in a pile to read.

      But yes, I’ve heard that about Sheckley — I’ll just have to see!

      Thanks for stopping by!

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