Update: Hilarious 1960s/1950s sci-fi themed ads

I found a few hilarious sci-fi themed adds from the 60s which I had to share (well, the second might be somewhat later)….

That space suit makes her look like she has a strange neck disease...

Oh yes, friendly first contact will be achieved by sharing smokes...

no sophisticated car to home window delivery system?

’55 Futuristic Undersea Farm US Cast Iron Pipe (1955)

Mankind must destroy ALL environments!

Futuristic Warehouse Robots National Oil Seals (1953)

Sadly, we still have forklifts...

RCA Transistors Run Electronic Car of Tomorrow (1964)

WOW -- they got the placement and the look of the screen DEAD on!

Western Air Line’s future travel – The Tomorrow You’re Fighting For! Country Gentleman... post-war style (1943)

that robot is horrifying...

Anyone know of (or remember) any other sci-fi themed ads?

This great blog followed up on my challenge — check his sci-fi inspired ads out — The Cheap Science Fiction Book Covers Gallery: Pop Surrealism for just few bucks!

27 thoughts on “Update: Hilarious 1960s/1950s sci-fi themed ads

  1. I noticed that her hands remain exposed – to what is, no doubt, a hazardous atmosphere… especially those fingers… I am sure that with all of the household chems that we are dumping into the environment we too will wear such suits to do regular household cleaning with Lestoil!

  2. I chuckled when I read the horribly sexist slogan — “Women of the future will make the moon a cleaner place to live.”

    Yeah, not sure how the cigarette burns in space in the second one…

    • Clearly the alien has clorophyl in it’s skin, thus the green color. It is no doubt creating O2 through photosynthesis… and keeps the CO2 in its body, explaining the unusally puffy bloated body.

      As for the first ad, I do wonder what it is on the moon, exactly, that the women are cleaning? I think it must be the gunk from underneath those enormous fingernails. Ah… thank god for the gender revolution….

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  5. Have to admire her false eyelashes in the Lestoil one, and agree with Thomas that the Royal robot is both sexist and terrifying.

    Interesting, isn’t it, that when man thought of the future, robots and underwater farming and rocket-inspired technology were easy to imagine, but that women might not be doing the cleaning and typing was clearly unthinkable…

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  7. I actually posted the alien ad on Pinterest. I love any kind of pop culture taboo. Somehow social causes barnacle onto the most fleeting and superficial aspects of mass media and it cracks me up.

    A disturbing aspect to note: the moon man is leaning in as if to spark his cig off the spaceman yet (the spaceman’s) helmet has no visible window of any kind. Given that upon finishing the first leg of a physically trying zero-grav mission who wouldn’t want to breathe in that alien air and light up a smooth, refreshing cigarette, this was obviously an oversight. Scientifically one would have removed his helmet so his vision wouldn’t be clouded in any way, you see. The ad agency obviously did not check the facts about the dangers of space travel in the 1970s.

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