Updates: New Book Review Index by Rating

I’ve added a new index ordered by rating for easy navigation to my book reviews (here).  This is in addition to by index by author (here).  This makes my best  (here) and worst science fiction book index (here) redundant and I might get rid of it at a later date.  I’ll also add more themed indexes in addition to my Sci-Fi Novels about Overpopulation Index, Sci-Fi Works by Female Authors over the course of the next few weeks.

All the indexes can be found on the bar on the righthand side.

Thanks for all the fascinating comments/observations and words of encouragement.  I’ve greatly enjoyed reading/reviewing and conversing!

8 thoughts on “Updates: New Book Review Index by Rating

    • You’re welcome. The ratings are only from reviews I’ve written in the lifetime of this blog. If you want a top ten list of 60s, 50s, or 70s sci-fi just let me know. I’ve not reviewed a majority of my favorite sci-fi novels from those eras.

      • I haven’t read any of Varley’s works…

        Hmm, the 70s — well, the best of Silverberg’s novels are from the early 70s — The World Inside, etc. and most of D. G. Compton’s novels (you MUST read The Continuous Katherine Mortenhoe — variant title The Unsleeping Eye).

        I have reviews of those if you’re curious.

  1. Nice, I don’t think your best/worst pages are redundant though. Those pages are nice because they have the cool front cover images. For someone who just wants to see your favourite book reviews it’d be easier for them to pick one out from your best book page. This page is nice to have as a reference, but shouldn’t be replacing anything in my opinion.

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