Adventures in Science Fiction Cover Art: Help Identify the Artist (Italian SF art edition)

This piece of uncredited cover art appeared on the 1976 Italian edition of Jack Vance’s solid adventure novel The Blue World (variant Italian title: Pianeta D’Acqua) (1966)—my review. It’s my type of non-collage SF art. Hints at the “feel” of the novel, has a surreal touch,suggests an intriguing world/narrative, and is clearly the work of an accomplished artist….

Thoughts on the artist?

UPDATE: We have an answer via twitter. The artist is Glauco Cartocci. Here is a list of his covers.

Here’s the full cover.


7 thoughts on “Adventures in Science Fiction Cover Art: Help Identify the Artist (Italian SF art edition)

  1. Good luck on your quest. Always liked his adventure novels. Have you ever though to read one of his suspense novels and see what parts of his style carried over from his sf to those.

    • Thanks for the comment!

      No one seems to have an idea… alas! I do love the image.

      Unfortunately, I am no longer interested in Vance as an author — I was about half a decade ago…. That said, I was not aware he wrote suspense novels.

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