Updates: Cora Buhlert interviews Joachim Boaz

Hello everyone! Thank you for the immense support over the last twelve years (!) of my website. I keep doing what I do in part due to all the wonderful comments you leave, discussions you participate in, and suggestions you make. I can’t emphasize how much I appreciate it. I was recently interviewed by Cora Buhlert over on her website. She’s a three-time Hugo-nominated fan writer and a wonderful reviewer of vintage SF (often at Galactic Journey). Check out the interview here.

Here’s a selection: “I am fascinated by the ways authors responded to the advent of nuclear weapons, the rise of 50s suburbia and commercialism, the Civil Rights movement, the Counterculture and radical student politics, the Vietnam War, and the 1970s political backlash. I chart what’s produced in a specific time and territory to understand the people who dwelled at that moment—their dreams for the future, their fears of the present, and all the manifestations of estrangement and elation generated by a rapidly transforming world.”

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4 thoughts on “Updates: Cora Buhlert interviews Joachim Boaz

  1. A short but very nice interview. It’s interesting how different your reasons for reading SF and your responses to it are compared to my own. I value it for it’s intrinsic, historical tradition and how it has developed into the modern genre you talk about, it’s importance as a strong piece of the larger fictional or literary world, and the sheer diversity of variously different authors that inhabit it, including ethnic and gender emancipation. I agree with you though as to how it corresponds to the modern, changing world.

    • Thank you for the kind words.

      I must confess, I don’t have much opinion on the matter. I see myself more as a historian than fan writer though! But I suspect there’s a lot of overlap.

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