Book Review: Half Past Human, T. J. Bass (1971)

3.25/5 (Average)

1971 Nebula Nominated Novel

T.J. Bass’ Half Past Human is a flawed yet occasionally intriguing fix-up novel which was nominated for the 1971 Nebula Award.  I found that the atrocious prose overshadowed all the work’s positives and made it a chore to read.  Bass is a practicing doctor and thus apparently finds it fun to inundate his narrative with medical Continue reading

Update: Recent Science Fiction Acquisitions N. I

Oh the joys of amazon gift cards… And perusing dusty corners of local bookstores.

Here are my latest acquisitions.

1. Robert Silverberg’s World Inside (1971) (MY REVIEW HERE)

I’ve always enjoyed semi-dystopic works about the social ramifications of overpopulation (John Brunner’s Stand on Zanzibar is my all time favorite sci-fi novel).  I wonder if Silverberg was inspired by Brunner’s work.  I’ve yet to read a Silverberg novel and I’ve read that this is a pretty good effort.  So, those factors contributed to my purchase.

2. Doris Piserchia’s Continue reading

A Film Rumination: Futureworld, Richard T. Heffron (1976)

5/10 (Average — worth watching if you like the genre)

Futureworld is the sequel to the equally campy Westworld.  The chemistry between the main characters (played by Peter Fonda and Blythe Danner) is actually above average and probably saves the film from utter failure.  However, I enjoyed myself despite the predictability, the absolutely silly premise, the lack of action (there’s a sword fight and that’s about it) and the anti- Continue reading