Update: Kate Wilhelm Guest Post Series Announcement

Kate Wilhelm is most widely known for her Hugo- and Locus-winning,  Nebula-nominated, fix-up novel masterpiece Where Late The Sweet Birds Sang (1976).  However, this linked series of novellas (her favorite form) was already the product of a long and fruitful career starting with somewhat standard pulp in the late 1950s.  By the late 1960s and early 1970s her SF took on psychologically heavy and often devastatingly effective themes with great success: for example, in 1972 she was nominated for an astounding four Nebulas (winning none of them).

Most of her critical success focused on shorter forms which might be the reason why other than Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang (1976) little of her work has remained firmly entrenched in the SF canon.  Which is a crying shame as she is easily one of the most regularly brilliant writers I have encountered.

Thus I have rounded up my normal suspects from across the vintage SF blog sphere for my second guest post series! The first covered the work of Michael Bishop.  As always, I have no idea whether they like her work or not but the purpose is to expose my readers to the range of her amazing visions.  I will place links to their twitter accounts (if they have them) and websites.  Please check out their other reviews as well!

I will post the first review tomorrow.  Depending on what I receive I’ll continue to post them periodically over the next month or so.



List of Guest Posts

The Infinity Box (1975) via Heloise over at Heloise Merlin’s Weblog

The Killer Thing (1967) via 2theD over at Potpourri of SF Literature

Margaret and I (1971) via Max Cairnduff over at Pechorin’s Journal

Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang (1976) via Admiral Ironbombs over at Battered, Tattered, Yellowed, & Creased

Welcome, Chaos (1983) via Megan over at From Couch to Moon

Year of the Cloud (1970) via Mike White over at The Finch and the Pea 

List of my previously posted reviews

Collection: The Mile-Long Spaceship (1963)

Collection: The Downstairs Room and Other Speculative Fiction (1968)

Novel: Margaret and I (1971)

Novel: Juniper Time (1979)


For reference, here is a complete list of her Hugo + Nebula nominations and wins (Because there were numerous changes to the award process over the years I have no included her stories/novels that were considered below the cutoff or preliminary nominations).

Nebula Award (14 nominations and 3 wins)

Best Novel nomination for The Clone (1965) with Theodore L. Thomas

Best Short Story nomination for “Baby, You Were Great!” (1967)

Best Short Story WIN for “The Planners” (1968)

Best Novelette nomination for “April Fools’ Day Forever” (1970)

Best Short Story nomination for “A Cold Dark Night with Snow” (1970)

Best Novel nomination for Margaret and I (1971)

Best Novella nomination for”The Infinity Box” (1971) and “The Plastic Abyss” (1971)

Best Novelette nomination for “The Encounter” (1971)

Best Novelette nomination for “The Funeral” (1972)

Best Novel nomination for Where Late The Sweet Birds Sand (1976)

Best Novel nomination for Juniper Time (1979)

Best Novella nomination for “The Winter Beach” (1981)

Best Novella nomination for “The Gorgon Field” (1985)

Best Novelette WIN for “The Girl Who Fell from the Sky” (1986)

Best Short Story WIN for “Forever Yours, Anna” (1987)

Best Novella nomination for “Naming the Flowers” (1992)

Best Short story nomination for “I Know What You Are Thinking” (1994)


Hugo Award (4 nominations and 1 win)

Best Novelette nomination for “A Brother to Dragons, a Companion of Owls” (1974)

Best Novel WIN for Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang (1976)

Best Novella nomination for “With Thimbles, With Forks, and Hope” (1981)

Best Short Story nomination for “Forever Yours, Anna” (1987)

Best Short Story nomination for “I Know What You’re Thinking” (1994)

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