Updates: Recent Science Fiction Acquisitions No. XXVII (Gerrold, Panshin, Shaw, et al.)

My second to last backlog acquisitions post from Spring Break — a fruitful sci-fi hunting adventure indeed!

With my PhD Qualifying exams complete (proposal defense in months and months and months), I will actually get around to posting sci-fi art related (and perhaps get back to my film reviews) and reading my massive to read pile.


1. Space Skimmer (1972), David Gerrold.  Another author whom I know little about and haven’t read yet.  As a Star Trek fan I know that he submitted the script that became The Trouble With Tribbles…

(Dean Ellis’ cover for the 1972 edition)

2.  Farewell to Yesterday’s Tomorrow (1975), Alexei Panshin.  A collection of his short stories — still haven’t read his Hugo winning Rite of Passage (1968).

(Richard Powers’s cover for the 1975 edition)

3. Ship of Strangers (1978), Bob Shaw.  Shaw is a middling sci-fi authors whose works are readable but never mind blowing — and, I haven’t read a book from the late 70s in a LONG time.

(Uncredited cover for the 1979 edition)

4. Operation Future (1955), ed. Groff Conklin.  Contains seventeen stories and two short novels by authors such as Sturgeon, Leinster, Simak, de Rey, Oliver, Knight, MacLean, Padgett, Asimov, et. al.  Can’t be that bad!

(Robert Schulz’s cover for the 1955 edition)

10 thoughts on “Updates: Recent Science Fiction Acquisitions No. XXVII (Gerrold, Panshin, Shaw, et al.)

  1. They are all winners in the cover department, I like each one. I haven’t read Gerrold either, but I have to say that I felt like I had a flashback to my youth when I read “the ultimate spaceship in the hands of a barbarian”. For whatever reason it tripped a flood of nostalgic feelings. It seems like the kind of stuff I would have been exposed to when I first started reading science fiction in the mid-late 70’s. Yet another that I will now be looking out for.

    And I’m determined that I need to come to your house to drool (figuratively, not literally) over all your books with Richard Powers covers.

    • Haha, I actually post my favorite cover 😉 Not necessarily the one I own… But, I do own that Powers’ cover! And about 30 others….

      Yeah, I’m not going to lie, but that line convinced me buy the book. Very nostalgic.

  2. Great books! And even more importantly, congratulations on completing your qualifying exams! (I know this is a big deal because I have another couple months before I defend my dissertation.) Good luck on drafting your prospectus!

      • Well, I’m not going to lie and suggest that you don’t have a long and occasionally frustrating process ahead of you, but the rewards do/will outweigh the challenges. The last six years have occasionally — sometimes frequently — been a struggle as I worked toward a PhD in history, but I don’t have any regrets about the enterprise.

      • Ah, a medievalist! You’re a better man than I. I do early 20th century US history, military history, and the history of sexuality. My sources are fairly abundant, they’re all in English, and most are typewritten. 🙂

      • This semester I was an Assistant Instructor (grading/sections) for a class on American Sexual Histories — it was wonderful. I love all history and could study anything — although, Medieval history (in particular medieval history writing) is my passion.

  3. Panshin’s Rite of Passage is quite good; its modelled on a Heinlein juvenile, and is very successful at capturing the feel of one, so if you like the Heinlein juveniles you should definitely read it.

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