Adventures in Science Fiction Cover Art: Ferruccio Alessandri’s Insectoid Visages and Other Nightmares

Italian artist, author, translator, and comic book critic Ferruccio Alessandri (1935-) created twenty-two covers for the Italian SF magazine Galassia (most of the issues between #109-132) in 1970. Galassia magazine was instrumental in introducing Italian audiences to the New Wave movement. Issues often contained both translations of popular English language authors and original Italian short stories and experimental visions.

As a unit, Alessandri’s covers convey a terrifying hellscape of insectoid visages (#122, #110, #128, #130), encounters with the surreal (#115), the oddly humanoid shapes (#119, #114, #116, #127), etc. Like searing flashes of a planet bathed under neon light, they are micro windows into the wonderscape of science fiction. While his Galassia covers are unconnected to the contents of the issues (to the best of my knowledge), I find their cumulative effect unsettling and alien.

In addition to Galassia, he produced covers for Gamma, Futuria, among other Italian publications. I plan future posts on those publications. Alessandri also wrote four short stories between 1964-1966 for Gamma which remain untranslated into English. Science fiction did not remain his home after 1974 (his last cover). He embarked on a career in comic book publication and criticism. For a more complete look at his comics career check out both his Wikipedia entry and article (both in Italian).

As readers of the site may know, Italian covers were often on the experimental side of the SF art spectrum. Galassia frequently commissioned new artists each and every year. The styles changed on a dime. Cover art produced in Italy might be my second favorite country after the United States for the 60s/70s. I appreciate their willingness to commission more surreal than descriptive SF art.

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10 thoughts on “Adventures in Science Fiction Cover Art: Ferruccio Alessandri’s Insectoid Visages and Other Nightmares

  1. Simak’s RING AROUND THE SUN cover made me twinge with nostalgia, it caught something of the essence of that tale that’s also in my memory.

    Very evocative art in general, htanks for featuring it.

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