Update: Science Fiction Books to be Reviewed/Read this summer

I’ve read hundreds and hundreds of science fiction books  from the classics to the not so classic.  I’ve decided to use this blog as motivation to read new books.  Hence, reviews of Dune (Herbert), Hyperion (Simmons), Stand on Zanzibar (Brunner) and other major works probably will not reviewed in the near future since I’ve read them already and until I run out of things to read I’m not inclined to read them again!

Instead, I plan on ambling along lesser known routes…  Barrington Bayley’s works for example and the mostly out-of-print novelized 1960s pulp(ish)-adventures of Poul Anderson.

So, in short, a trip to a beautiful bookstore in Ann Arbor, MI yielded these:

Galactic Cluster — James Blish

Empire of Two Worlds — Barrington J. Bayley

The Fall of Chronopolis — Barrington J. Bayley

The Seedling Stars — James Blish

The People of the Wind — Poul Anderson

Double Star — Heinlein

A Life for the Stars — James Blish

Catch a Falling Star — John Brunner

Meeting at Infinity — John Brunner

They Shall Have Stars — James Blish

The Wanderer — Fritz Leiber

A Heritage of Stars — Clifford Simak

Earthman, Come Home — James Blish

A Clash of Cymbals — James Blish

Entry to Elsewhere — John Brunner

Nostrailia — Cordwainer Smith

Along with various other unread volumes littering my dusty shelves and various other hidden corners of rooms, these will constitute the bulk of my reviews/ramblings.

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