Updates: Recent Science Fiction Acquisitions N. X

Gifts! Gifts!  A varied haul — Spinrad, Herbert, Dickson, Niven, Norton…

1. The Solarians (1966), Norman Spinrad

Before Norman Spinrad’s metafictional if Hitler wrote a pulp extravaganza The Iron Dream  (1972) and Bug Jack Barron (1969) there was The Solarians No doubt a middling to poor/silly pulp adventure.  And the cover!  I’ve found Spinrad hit or miss — Agent of Chaos (1966) was rather bland.

2. The Flight of the Horse (1973), Larry Niven

Dear Larry Niven, I used to read your work compulsively until I picked up a copy of one of your atrocious sequels to the inventive (if highly overrated) Ringworld (1970).  ARGHHH… pain.  However, I was too hasty in ditching your works —  so, it’s time to try again with your often fascinating short stories.

3. Secret of the Lost Race (1959), Andre Norton

I’ve yet to read any of Andre Norton’s works — I’ve always been tempted to pick up a copy of this one.  I’ll read Witch World (1963)  first….

4. Whipping Star (1970), Frank Herbert

I’ve read a substantial number of Frank Herbert’s non-Dune novels (I’ve read all of those) — The Dosadi Experiment (1977), Destination: Void (1966), The Jesus Incident (1979), The Lazarus Effect (1983), The Ascension Factor (1988), The Green Brain (1966), The Saratoga Barrier (1968), and the horrible Soul Catcher (1972) — none of have been brilliant but a few were readable and interesting.  Hopefully Whipping Star is as well.

5. Ancient, My Enemy (1974), Gordon R. Dickson (MY REVIEW)

I’m currently reading Dickson’s The Alien Way (1965) and it was interesting enough to pick up a collection of his short stories.  Does anyone have a favorite Dickson short story (or novel) I should procure?

4 thoughts on “Updates: Recent Science Fiction Acquisitions N. X

  1. If you’ve not tried Dickson’s Dorsai trilogy, you could try those. Everything else he wrote is pretty disposable.

    Herbert’s The Santaroga Barrier is great. The Green Brain and Hellstrom’s Hive are also good. The Eyes of Heisenberg and The Heaven Makers are best avoided.

    • I’ve not read the Dorsai series of works — I think the horrible Dorsai covers always scare me away despite the quality of the contents — haha. I remember liking The Saratoga Barrier and absolutely hating The Green Brain. But, I did read them at least 8 to 10 years ago during my Dune craze (and thus, anything Herbert wrote craze). I’ve not read Hellstrom’s Hive, The Eyes of Heisenberg or The Heaven Makers.

  2. Spinrad’s, The Solarians! You gotta love that cover. Nowadays, they’d market stuffed animals that look like that, for sure. The book however, is an interesting example of his “pre” New Wave writing. One should read it for fun.

    Bug Jack Barron was great. I loved the opening chapters, though it could be seen as politically incorrect today.

    • Yes, I love the cover! Have you read Spinrad’s The Iron Dream? I’m desperate to acquire a copy. Sadly, they tend to be expensive on amazon and abebooks. I’ll have to get it from a library…

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