Updates: Recent Science Fiction Acquisitions N. XXI (Silverberg + Compton + Malzberg + Anderson)

A few more Christmas gift card purchases…

Dying Inside (1972) is often considered one of Silverberg’s best works and I can’t wait to read it (I will after my soon to be hellish weekend grading ~60 undergrad history papers).  Despite a painfully negative review on Amazon slamming Compton’s The Silent Multitude (1967) as a dull imitation of J. G. Ballard, it is high on my to read list — almost any experimental (allegorical) work exploring a crumbling city intrigues me.  Malzberg’s Conversations (1975) was a shot in the dark — it might be the least read of any of his novels — hence, my interest.

Pohl Anderson is almost always worth reading — even his middling short stories are fun.


1. Dying Inside, Robert Silverberg (1972)

(Jerry Thorp’s cover for the 1972 edition)

2. The Silent Multitude, D. G. Compton (1967) (MY REVIEW)

(Leo Dillon and Diane Dillon’s cover for the 1969 edition)

3. Conversations, Barry N. Malzberg (1975) (MY REVIEW)

(Uncredited cover for the 1975 edition)

4. Beyond the Beyond, Poul Anderson (1969)

(Uncredited cover for the 1969 edition)

4 thoughts on “Updates: Recent Science Fiction Acquisitions N. XXI (Silverberg + Compton + Malzberg + Anderson)

    • I look forward to reading it. The Compton is supposed to be his strangest work but definitely a harrowing and literary account of the destruction of a city (through a kaleidoscope of characters). I can’t wait to read both of them!

  1. Beyond the Beyond is a wild ride: it only has six stories but it includes everything from 1-star (Day of Burning) to 5-star (Starfog)…. I just wish they were shorter, with a 44-page average. I’d like to see some 10-page Anderson shorts.

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