Updates: Immortality Themed SF Novels/Short Stories Resource Posted


I while back I put out a call for SF novels/short works on immortality to add to a preliminary list I put together.  Due to my lack of knowledge of newer SF and uncanny ability to forget relevant previously read works I eagerly added your suggestions.  And Marta Randall’s Islands (1976) motivated me to finally post  it…

Here’s the LIST!

If you can think of any that I might be missing be sure to comment!

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Thanks for the suggestions + wonderful comments on my posts in general!

9 thoughts on “Updates: Immortality Themed SF Novels/Short Stories Resource Posted

  1. Zelazny’s Chronicles of Amber is about a backstabbing family of immortals living on the one-true-world, of which all other realities (such as ours) are mere reflections. But that’s usually categorized as fantasy.

    Keith Laumer’s The Long Twilight (1969) deals with two immortals stuck on Earth and waging an endless war.

    Stephen Baxter’s Mayflower II is about a generation ship where some of its crew have been made immortal.

    Jack Dann and Gardner Dozois edited an anthology titled Immortals!, the relevance should be obvious.

    Asimov’s “The Last Answer” was about a physicist granted immortality by an all-powerful consciousness in order to think up a way to end the existence of this eternal “god.”

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