Adventures in Science Fiction Cover Art: Philippe Curval’s 1950s Photo Collages, Part II

(January 1957)

Part II of my series on Philippe Curval’s SF art–check out Part I first if you haven’t already. In Part I, I included only his covers from 1956, his most productive year for the French SF magazine Fiction. In this post I include the rest of his 50s work, seven covers published between 1957-59. Curval published SF more and more as the 1950s progressed and I suspect writing was more lucrative than art….

This selection includes what I find to be his most disturbing and evocative cover–Fiction 47. Cyclopean imagery combines with odd textures and hair-like growths. I am partial to SF covers that explore skin, mutation, hands, heads, growths, eyes, etc…. And speaking of disquieting heads/growths don’t look too closely at Fiction 41! (you’ve been warned).

What are your favorites?


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17 thoughts on “Adventures in Science Fiction Cover Art: Philippe Curval’s 1950s Photo Collages, Part II

  1. Joachim,
    This set runs the gamut of the straight forward scene on #40 to the bug looking through the copula on #41; I don’t know what to make of the thing at the lower right? The remaining covers, excepting #62, don’t give me much sense of wonder. #62 is my favorite in this bunch, with the three figures on the dunes making me think of Ballard’s Vermillion Sands.
    This haiku popped into my head after reading The Pillars of Eternity:
    Early misery,
    Straightened with inserted bones,
    Now: Joachim Boaz.

    • It’s been so long since I read The Pillars of Eternity. I remember the bleakness of the vision and the scarred main character (who resonated with me of course) but little about the actual plot… Did you like it?

      • I enjoyed The Pillars of Eternity very much, but thought the ending was not up to the rest of the book. I also read The Forrest of Peldain last year. It reminded me of Harry Harrison’s Planet of the Damned, both of which were intense. And I also read The Zen Gun that I thought fell flat at the end.

        • I listened to Harrison’s Planet of the Damned as an audio book recently. I also thought it was intense…. I enjoy more of Barrington’s short fiction than novels — which tend to be weird (not a critique) and not all that well constructed. I have a lot of older reviews of his stuff on this site… other than short fiction I haven’t returned to him recently.

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