Update: Another Wonderful Sci-fi Review Blog


Michael (2theD), one of my friends whose reviews on Amazon I’ve been compulsively reading, has just started a review blog (on blogspot) called the Potpourri of Science Fiction Literature.

(the titles above are a small sample of the works he reviews)

Like me, he explores the esoteric ranges of science fiction — rooting around in back piles, reams of yellow tattered pages searching for one-hit wonders, forgotten gems, dredging around the internet for any inkling about the contents of gorgeous covered forgotten tomes, and even deriving a rather perverse entrainment reading the pain causing dregs whose flaws must be ranted and railed about endlessly…

Unlike me (and this is a good thing), he explores more recent works, even (gasp) dabbling in “That Damned, Dreary, and Drab Decade”– the 1980s.

Please take a moment to read some of his reviews — he has at least a few hundred more on Amazon so I suspect that they will slowly trickle onto the site — SUBSCRIBE!

2 thoughts on “Update: Another Wonderful Sci-fi Review Blog

    • Indeed! It’s slowly coming together… more and more reviews makes you feel more and more happy… Sustained viewership takes a while — months and months — but you’re on the right track! Great work!

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